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Take advantage of NO REGISTRATION FEES* on all programs offered.


Course list

All COAST program courses are listed below, grouped together by type to help you pick the ones that best suit your needs and career goals. Click any title for a quick summary, or click through to see the full course description and get all the practical details. Unless otherwise indicated, all courses are designed for both employees and managers across all areas of the aerospace industry.

$0 Course Registration Fee* if you complete by May 10, 2022.

OAC, through the support of MLTSD, is delighted to announce that all registration fees for courses completed by no later than May 10, 2022 will be waived.


*Course registration fees will be waived under the following conditions:

1. Course must be completed by no later than May 10, 2022.

2. All participants must submit fully completed Ministry Questionnaire to OAC at time of registration.

Aerospace Career Essentials

These courses cover a wide range of essential career-building skills, from focus to resilience to recognizing opportunities. 

Aerospace Career Essentials
Interacting with Others

Conceptual Thinking

These courses will help you hone your job-related thinking skills for overall better performance.

Interacting with Others

These courses teach valuable interpersonal skills to help you work well within your team, handle challenging situations and develop your leadership skills.

Supervision and Management

Are you a manager, or looking to move into a management role? These courses will help you sharpen the leadership skills you need.

Technical Trainers

Are you a technical trainer? These courses are specially designed to help you improve your existing teaching skills so you can be even more effective in your role.

Mentorship and Community

These two programs aren’t courses—rather, they’re designed to provide you with support from your peers or from a mentor to help you get where you want to go in your career.

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