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Mentorship Program

Are you an experienced aerospace employee?

Are you just starting your career in aerospace and would like to be connected with someone who knows the “flight plan”?

Learn more...

​Those who have just landed their first job in the industry tell us they would like to connect with industry professionals. 

Industry employees across all functions tell us they would like to share their experience and knowledge and encourage young people to be part of this dynamic sector.​


This structured mentorship program provides coaching, counseling and advice from experienced aerospace employees and professionals to new employees who have less than five years in the industry and who are interested in receiving professional guidance for any number of reasons: adapting to the corporate culture, developing a sound understanding of pathways for advancement, clarifying personal vision, strengthening diversity and inclusion, managing the integration of work and life responsibilities, receiving guidance on topical, tactical or technical issues, and so on.


The single most important element of success in mentorship is connecting the right two players in the dyad. In the COAST mentorship program, matches are recommended by COAST’s external industrial psychologists, who use a proven process to improve the likelihood of achieving strong outcomes, particularly for the mentees. Depending on needs, this may include both senior-to-junior and peer-to-peer dyads, and either intra-company or inter-company matches.

Be a mentor!

What do you wish you’d known when starting your aerospace career? We have an incredible talent pool of highly skilled professionals working in aerospace in Ontario—you may be an engineer, a technician, a quality inspector, an estimator, a program manager or an aircraft maintenance engineer, or hold any number of other valued roles. We need to share our knowledge and passion for the industry with those just starting their journey. 

Share your knowledge and passion for the industry with someone who is just starting their career. Take advantage of this opportunity to pass along Ontario’s aerospace legacy to the next generation of the workforce!

  • Give back by assisting someone with less experience in their career progression.

  • Expand your own network and experience by working with someone you normally would never have met.

  • Rediscover our industry through new eyes.

  • Improve your own leadership and coaching skills.

  • Assist your mentee to better understand aerospace and our shared values.


Mentors complete a short survey that outlines the areas of their expertise in which they are willing to provide mentorship. Assuming a match is found, mentors will attend an initial orientation meeting that includes a facilitated Q&A discussion and gives mentors a chance to meet each other. They will also be given a best practices guide. Mentors have access to a COAST mentorship coach throughout the program. Mentors will also be formally recognized by OAC for their participation and effort.

Find a mentor

Are you a new aerospace employee with less than five years in the industry? 

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with an industry professional!

  • Raise your confidence and your understanding of the industry.

  • Gain insight through one-on-one conversations about Ontario aerospace with the people who love it and live it.

  • Learn from an experienced aerospace professional who can provide practical advice and counsel.

  • Discuss your personal development plans with your mentor. Find out more about where you can go and the runway to get there—the sky’s the limit! 

Mentees complete an application that outlines their objectives and what they’re looking for in a mentor, and assures their willingness to listen and modify behaviours suggested by their mentor. One of our organizational psychologists will follow up within three months after program completion to solicit feedback.

Target audience:
All employees and managers

Course format

  • Customized one-on-one matches

  • Mentor orientation sessions and psychologist support in the form of formal check-ins via office hours (two days per month) plus email, telephone or online meetings as needed

Registration fee:

There is no registration fee for this program.


Employees— Share with your employer that you are participating in this program! Send the link to your employer by email to discuss it with them. 

Enhance and upgrade employee skills. Recognize and foster employee development. Enrol your company with COAST! Your company may register employees for any of the courses offered at no charge—as long as courses are completed by March 15, 2023.

Please note that an individual’s registration is not considered complete unless OAC receives their completed Ministry Questionnaire.

EmployersHere are some of the key benefits for encouraging your employees to take part in this program! 

Your company is seen to be taking employee advancement and learning seriously by freeing the mentor’s company time to work with mentees. Not only does the mentee win, but the company does too, with increased positive feelings about their employer. As well, supporting a mentee is a clear demonstration of your company’s commitment to learning and advancement. The mentorship program is a very cost-effective approach to training and development which will reduce turnover and increase employee engagement.


When your employees become mentors or mentees, they benefit—and so do you.



  • Provide an additional technique for increasing the promotability of staff through their advice and counsel.

  • Improve their own leadership and coaching skills. 

  • Increase both their own feelings of contributing to the company and their sense of achievement beyond their usual business targets, increasing their engagement level with the company. 


  • Find improved confidence in their decision-making. 

  • Advance your company’s culture of learning. 

  • Gain increased clarity about what is required of them to advance within your company.

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